Quest to Daher

Transforming a company to marry two legendary turboprop lines.
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We Fly the Daher Kodiak 900, Ready for Grand Adventures

Fly with us as we test the newest luxury rover—with improved efficiency in this single-engine turboprop.
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We Fly: Daher Kodiak 900

A lot more of everything—speed, space, and style—that gives Kodiaks their great reputation in the backcountry.
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Textron Aviation Delivers 1st Passenger Cessna SkyCourier

Lana’i Air plans to operate the twin turboprop in interisland service in Hawaii.
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Beechcraft Denali Gets Garmin Autoland

The single-engine turboprop still under development from Textron Aviation will come with the emergency protocol standard.
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We Fly: Watch Our Report on the Epic Aircraft E1000 GX

Fly along on our extended demo mission in the updated single-engine turboprop.
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We Fly: Epic Aircraft E1000 GX

A full-power turbine experience that sips fuel while it flies fast.
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Pilatus PC-12 Fleet Logs 10 Million Flight Hours

The turboprop single reaches a milestone for time aloft nearly 30 years after type certification.
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Single-Engine Turboprop Commercial Ops in the EU Still in a Tangled Web

The issues plaguing the recent EASA rule implementation draw frustration and a quest for solutions.
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General Aviation Has a Great Sustainability Story To Tell

At AERO 2023, GAMA and industry leaders explain that the work is getting done right now on an innovative net-zero future.
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