Beechcraft Twin Quad: A ‘Feederliner’ That Almost Was

Though the V-tail was the most notable design feature of the aircraft, it paled in comparison to the originality and uniqueness of the ...
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FLYING’s Air Compare: Cessna 206 vs. Cessna 210

A showdown between two high-wing utility haulers.
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Pride of Ownership and the Insult of Neglect

If we can collectively intervene and convince the neglectful owners to pass their machines on to people committed to maintaining them, we all ...
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The Calculus Behind the Ultimate Panel Modernization

When considering a panel upgrade, here are four things to evaluate when determining what end benefits justify the expense.
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The High Speed, Low Drag Northrop X-21

The prototype's wing lift was artificially boosted by an extensive pattern of razor-thin slots in the upper wing surface to reduce drag.
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House Hunting As a First-Time Airplane Owner

An increasing number of airpark homes appear to be transitioning to non-pilot owners with no intention of using their hangar for its intended ...
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The Quiet Little Life of NASA’s QSRA

NASA's Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft was designed to navigate inner-city airports in dense population centers.
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Boosting Thrust Without Breaking the Bank

If an engine upgrade is out of the question, a seaplane prop can be a cost-effective way to achieve more power on takeoff ...
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Dayton Wright’s Race To Build a Time Machine

When the RB-1 was constructed to compete in the 1920 Gordon Bennett trophy race in France, it utilized features unheard of in that ...
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When a New Airplane Taps Into Old Dreams

Here's how a Nashville coffee shop owner turned his passion for flying his taildragger into a new career.
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