A Virtual, Wind-Battled Landing on a Mountaintop Runway

Microsoft Flight Simulator's live weather feature offers teachable moments flying into Mountain Air, North Carolina.
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Density Altitude: Know Your Enemy

It’s best to crunch the numbers before density altitude crunches you.
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Is the Shift in Tornado Alley Related to Climate Change?

From year to year there may be a stark contrast in where severe weather strikes, especially thunderstorms that produce tornadoes.
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Nassau, Bahamas ILS 14 (MYNN)

A blue-water approach to a busy Caribbean hub.
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‘Gustnado’ Takes Out Kansas City Flight School Fleet

The aircraft were left outside on the ramp, which is controlled by Signature Flight Support.
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Flooding at Fort Lauderdale Airport Causes Cancellations

Hundreds of flights were canceled after a storm dropping more than 25 inches of rain prompted the airport to temporarily shut down operations.
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Staying on Top of the Freezing Level

Winter and airframe icing are like peanut butter and jelly; it’s hard to imagine one without the other.
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Trust But Verify

The decision-making process for the layperson who is deciding whether to fly with a friend is a complicated one that reveals a lot ...
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ForeFlight Acquires CloudAhoy

The acquisition will streamline flight data management, according to ForeFlight.
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What Do Pilots Need to Know About Temperature Inversions?

Temperature inversions are quite common in the lower troposphere and are created by several different atmospheric processes.
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