Artemis I: Against All Odds

NASA returns to the moon with a human-rated spacecraft.
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SpaceX Sends Paying Customers on Ax-2 Mission to ISS

Launch represents the company’s third fully commercial flight and 10th crewed mission to space.
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Stratolaunch Completes Vital Test of Launch System for Hypersonic Vehicles

A successful separation test clears the way for a move toward hypersonic flight.
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Virgin Galactic Plans Return to Space This Month

The crewed mission will clear the runway for commercial launch in June.
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FAA Faces Lawsuit Over Handling of SpaceX Starship Program

In the lawsuit, environmental groups accuse the FAA of making environmental concessions to SpaceX.
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SpaceX Starship Grounded Indefinitely By FAA

The spacecraft could be out of operation for months as the FAA investigates the cause of last week's launch explosion.
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SpaceX’s Starship Rocket Explodes Minutes After Launch

By Elon Musk’s standards, Thursday’s test flight was “a success.”
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Could a Bunch of Junk Derail U.S. Activities in Space?

NASA, the Defense Department and U.S. Space Force all have big plans—and a potentially bigger obstacle.
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SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch Scrapped Minutes Before Go

Elon Musk took to Twitter to weigh in on what hindered Monday’s planned launch.
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When it Comes to Space Travel, NASA has the Juice—But ESA has JUICE

The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer mission will spend the next eight years on a voyage to study the gas giant and three of ...
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