Honda Aircraft Offers Free Logistics Help to Jet It Customers

The company has created a program to provide hangar space and pilot services to stranded tails.

Following the implosion of Jet It during the week of May 22, Honda Aircraft Company has stepped in to offer logistical and management support to those Jet It customers left in the lurch as the fractional operator ceased operations.

As reported exclusively by FLYING, the initial grounding of Jet It’s HondaJet fleet just started the snowball rolling. Soon after, Jet It grounded its entire fleet—including its Embraer Phenoms—and terminated its employees through a letter sent on May 26. The share owners of Jet It aircraft had also been told to find new homes for their assets.

While operators such as Volato and Jet Token have swooped in to court customers—and hopefully find positions for the type-rated pilots and other employees left hanging—the manufacturer of the HA-420 series is also standing ready to assist. 

Honda Aircraft has established a team that will help provide “seamless transitions to alternative aircraft management options for the HondaJet fractional owners who have been released from Jet It,” according to a statement from the company. This includes parking at HACI headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, for up to 90 days, including any pilot services needed to move those aircraft into position—free of charge to the customers.

This is no small thing, as several tails had been left in various states of “hangar limbo” following the Jet It shutdown—and some have been parked for nonpayment of maintenance and other outstanding bills.

“We understand the challenges faced by fractional owners who have been impacted by the suspension of their aircraft management after being released from contract by Jet It, and are now seeking alternative arrangements,” said Amod Kelkar, chief commercial officer and vice president of customer service for Honda Aircraft. “Consistent with our dedication to customer satisfaction, we have developed and established this assistance plan for those HondaJet owners in need of additional support during this transition period.”

Owners who think they might be eligible are encouraged to contact Honda Aircraft at [email protected].

The company is collaborating with the HondaJet Owners and Pilots Association and other groups on an upcoming safety standdown to address recent incidents involving runway overruns in the past 12 months. Runway excursions form a hot topic amongst business jet pilots and operators across the industry, as they make up the most common type of accident in business aviation, according to the National Business Aviation Association. Mitigating the risk will be the focus of the standdown.

“The HondaJet remains a reliable and safe aircraft to operate, and we reaffirm our confidence in the aircraft’s safety through our engineering and analysis,” said Kelkar, supporting the model. Honda Aircraft has delivered a total of 227 of the HA-420 series since 2015 through the first quarter of 2023, with approximately 212 of those on FAA registration. Jet It operated 21 tails through its program, encompassing roughly 10 percent of the total fleet.


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