Pick the Next FLYING Cover

We’re closing in on our latest print edition, for July 2023, Issue 939, and we want to know what you think about our cover choices.

Has your summer of flying started yet? Ours has here at FLYING with a new issue aimed for July. We’re closing in on Issue 939, which mails out in late June for subscribers before hitting newsstands and FBOs at your local airport.

On the cover we fly the sprightly new trainer from Tecnam, the P-Mentor, which is slated to deliver to flight schools across Europe and soon into the U.S.

Inside the issue, we test the new Bose A30 active noise reduction headset, and give you our assessment. We fly to Martha’s Vineyard as a classic summertime destination in the northeast U.S., and tell the story behind a special Yak 18T that the owner rescued from the clutches of war in Ukraine. Plus we give you all of the columns and proficiency articles you’ve come to expect from our deep bench of expert contributors—so make sure you’ve subscribed. You’ll also get a chance to win in our Ultimate FLYING Giveaway!


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