Helios Horizon Team Claims Altitude Record for Electric Aircraft

Flying from Minden-Tahoe Airport in Nevada, the group set a mark for electric aircraft under 500 kilograms.

The Helios Horizon flight team, which pursues aviation performance records for electric-powered aircraft, said its modified glider set a world record for altitude on Friday near the Tahoe-Minden Airport (KMEV).

The group said its aircraft set an altitude record of nearly 16,000 feet for electric aircraft weighing less than 500 kilograms. According to an observer from the National Aeronautic Association, the previous mark was 10,000 feet.

Pilot Miguel Iturmendi has previously helped develop advanced, record-setting aircraft including the Solar Impulse,which circumnavigated the globe in 2016. Iturmendi said he recently flew the Helios Horizon aircraft to 20,000 feet, but without an official NAA observer, the record could not be validated.

The NAA, which oversees and validates record-setting attempts, plans to l review data and complete the validation process before releasing an official report regarding the record.


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