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Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk confirmed for Tottenham on 25 September

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Anthony Joshua's world heavyweight title defence against Oleksandr Usyk will take place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 25 September.

Joshua, 31, will risk his IBF, WBA and WBO belts against the Ukrainian, who is his mandatory challenger.

Usyk has not challenged for a title at heavyweight but has held all four belts a division lower at cruiserweight.

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Comment posted by Botman, today at 16:29Botman

16:29More cannon fodder. It’s getting embarrassing now.00P

Comment posted by Present Progressive Future Perfect, today at 16:29Present Progressive Future Perfect

16:29football’s coming home? more like boxing’s coming to the Spurs Stadium, haha riiiight? lol but in all seriesness i wish both of these athletes good luck what a great event haha.00K

Comment posted by Klopps Kop, today at 16:29Klopps Kop

16:29I’ll pay to watch Usyk get knocked out.. Oh wait00K

Comment posted by Killingholme_Clay , today at 16:29Killingholme_Clay

16:29That the only striker Spurs will have this season.00C

Comment posted by CP11, today at 16:28CP11

16:28About time…some action in the heavyweight division.

Really hope Wilder is made to fight someone given Fury is off…Whyte would be good and deserves his chance. Expect politics to get in the way though10R

Comment posted by Rememberthename, today at 16:28Rememberthename

16:28Let’s hope fans are allowed at that point. Big old place without them. Let’s hope Joshua wins and keeps the Fury undisputed alive.00L


Comment posted by Leivapool, today at 16:28Leivapool

16:28Always a winner when the year ends in a 1 at Spurs00G

Comment posted by Golfpunk, today at 16:26Golfpunk

16:26The only way a title is arriving at WHL for the foreseeable then50E

Comment posted by Eyes Wide Open, today at 16:26Eyes Wide Open

16:26In about 6 weeks time it’ll be off. Such is the nature of heavyweight boxing at the moment.20A

Comment posted by Aminur, today at 16:25Aminur

16:25Boxing is joke show. The best fights don’t get made20G

Reply posted by Golfpunk, today at 16:28Golfpunk

16:28to Aminur"Boxing is joke show. The best fights don’t get made"Golfpunk replied: Well we all know whose fault this is00F

Comment posted by fabikosk, today at 16:25fabikosk

16:25No one cares. No One wants this fight12T

Comment posted by TommyO, today at 16:25TommyO

16:25finally some decent sport to watch @ Spurs ground !51A

Comment posted by Alex Clemence, today at 16:25Alex Clemence

16:25Yes please!10W

Comment posted by whyisstephmcgovernstaringatme, today at 16:25whyisstephmcgovernstaringatme

16:25At least a title is guaranteed to be won at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this season.52Back to topunknown


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