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Dejan Lovren taps out after 50-second contest with ex-UFC fighter Mirko Filipovic

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Former Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren is used to sporting contests lasting 90 minutes – but his latest ended after just 50 seconds.

Lovren, who now plays for Zenit St Petersburg, stepped into the octagon with Croatian former UFC fighter Mirko Filipovic.

Lovren posted a video on his Instagram on Saturday thanking Filipovic (known as 'Cro Cop') for a "short training session".

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The 31-year-old had little chance to get going against the 46-year-old Filipovic before he was thrown to the mat and put in an armbar. A submission soon followed… and we'll avoid any obvious jokes about the state of Lovren's defence.

Filipovic is a retired mixed martial arts fighter, and widely regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight kick-boxers of all time.


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Lovren, meanwhile, has seen plenty of rough and tumble on the pitch – he was, after all, a defensive partner of the rugged Martin Skrtel at Liverpool.

But will he incorporate any of his new training into his football? He's currently with his Croatia team-mates preparing for a World Cup qualifier against Slovenia on Wednesday, 24 March.

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