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England’s Chris Jordan hailed as ‘out of this world’ after role in stunning T20 boundary catch vs India

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Chris Jordan left England team-mate Jason Roy chuckling in astonishment after remarkable athleticism led to stunning boundary relay catch against India; captain Eoin Morgan says of Jordan: “Some of his contributions in the field over the years are out of this world, stuff we cannot do”


England’s Chris Jordan showed remarkable athleticism during a staggering boundary catch in the final T20 against India

“He made probably one of the most difficult catches of all time look the easiest thing he has ever done. He is a freak and he does it all the time.”

So said Sky Sports‘ Nasser Hussain after England’s Chris Jordan added another outstanding catch to the collection he has pulled off in his career.

OK, on this occasion the catch didn’t go down as his – but he certainly deserved the plaudits after a remarkable piece of fielding to remove India batsman Suryakumar Yadav in the fifth and final T20I in Ahmedabad.

Jordan sprinted round the boundary rope at deep midwicket before plucking the ball out of the air effortlessly with one hand after Suryakumar had launched Adil Rashid down the ground.

Knowing his momentum would take him over the boundary, Jordan relayed the ball to team-mate Jason Roy to complete the catch.

Roy could only laugh at Jordan’s athleticism as batsman Suryakumar was sent on his way for 32 in a game India won by 36 runs.


Speaking after the game, England captain Eoin Morgan said of Jordan: “Some of his contributions in the field over the years are just remarkable, out of this world. It’s just stuff we cannot do.

“It’s pure natural ability and he seems to do it again and again. It’s a joy to watch and adds a completely different dimension to T20 cricket for fans.”

Twitter was unsurprisingly set ablaze after Jordan’s staggering efforts, with Kevin Pietersen among those to post.

Hussain added: “Everything had to go right. He had to time his run, he had to flick the ball at the right time, get it to Roy perfectly. It was ridiculous.”

When Hussain’s fellow Sky Sports Cricket expert Rob Key was asked whether he could have done what Jordan did, he joked: “I might have been able to do the Jason Roy bit!”

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