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Euro 2020: England defeat will ‘hurt for rest of careers’ – Harry Kane

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England's Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy will "hurt for the rest of our careers", says captain Harry Kane.

The Three Lions, appearing in their first major final for 55 years, were agonisingly beaten on penalties following a 1-1 draw after 120 minutes.

"We should be extremely proud as a group of what we have achieved," striker Kane said on BBC One.

"It will hurt for the rest of our careers, but that's football. We're all winners and want to win."

More to follow.

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Comment posted by sgtpepper23, today at 23:52sgtpepper23

23:52France lost the Euro 2016 final at HOME but they consoled themselves by winning the World Cup two years later.
Different mentality.00J

Comment posted by JM, today at 23:52JM

23:52And people wonder why a player as talented as Kane has never won a single trophy in his career?

Absolute bottle job merchant when it matters!!!

Always disappears in the major finals! ZERO touches inside the Italy penalty box in 120 minutes tonight!! Pathetic……00P

Comment posted by Phil morel, today at 23:52Phil morel

23:52Stop. Just stop. We lost. Move on. Improve. The rest is just sentimental nonsense. What needs to change to win? It’s not a difficult question. Every fan around the world knew what our squads strength was including you! We have the best squad in the world…. So did belgium00N

Comment posted by nathans93, today at 23:52nathans93

23:52Kane your a class striker but tonight service or not , you were as effective as a one legged man doing the one hockey cokey.10L

Comment posted by Landlova, today at 23:52Landlova

23:52Kane wants a major trophy so badly, I can’t imagine why he would want to stay at Spurs00K

Comment posted by k5, today at 23:51k5

23:51that was brilliant00J

Comment posted by Jeremy, today at 23:51Jeremy

23:51England may have lost but they can be proud of reaching a first major final since 1966. Italy were just a little too good on the day but no shame in that. Football was the winner this Euro Championship.00T

Comment posted by toomuchinformationrequired, today at 23:51toomuchinformationrequired

23:51We’re just double checking this comment.N

Comment posted by Noisy Neighbour, today at 23:51Noisy Neighbour


23:51We’re just double checking this comment.K

Comment posted by koiahoy, today at 23:50koiahoy

23:50France won the World Cup two years after losing the last Euros on home soil. You live and you learn for the next time and you never know!11H

Comment posted by Hurley Hawk, today at 23:50Hurley Hawk

23:50Don’t ask a teenager who doesn’t take penalties for his club, to do it for England!20L

Comment posted by Ling Liu LFC GBR China 88-Present, today at 23:50Ling Liu LFC GBR China 88-Present

23:50Why did Southgate didn’t play Rashford, Grelish and Sancho earlier? The players looked tired!00C

Comment posted by cookieGW, today at 23:50cookieGW

23:50The animals where let out tonite why oh why do they allow games there that’s them turning there own midden into a bigger midden they are all a disgrace.
Ps I fear for the Italian resturants get your windows boarded up 🇮🇹00N

Comment posted by Nanganachii, today at 23:50Nanganachii

23:50It will sure hurt but don’t let it get to you.10L

Comment posted by link2metroid, today at 23:50link2metroid

23:50It serves England right for cheating Denmark out of a final. Specifically, Sterling.11P

Comment posted by philip, today at 23:49philip

23:49Rubbish. Kane looked lethargic all tournament. Poor decision making by Southgate tonight. Hey ho.00P

Comment posted by pitstop, today at 23:49pitstop

23:49We’re just double checking this comment.M

Comment posted by manne14, today at 23:49manne14

23:49You didn’t deserve to win30J

Comment posted by Jay-212, today at 23:48Jay-212

23:48Hahahahaha, deluded England fans humiliated. Well deserved win for Italy. Long live Europa.56L

Reply posted by Ling Liu LFC GBR China 88-Present, today at 23:51Ling Liu LFC GBR China 88-Present

23:51to Jay-212"Hahahahaha, deluded England fans humiliated. Well deserved win for Italy. Long live Europa."Ling Liu LFC GBR China 88-Present replied: Spain lost to Italy in the semifinals so I don’t know what you’re laughing at!00L

Comment posted by link2metroid, today at 23:48link2metroid

23:48🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣00More commentsBack to topunknown


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